Sorb-Tec® serves as a smart replacement for traditional injection lances used in dry sorbent injection (DSI) systems.

Externally fitted to ducts, Sorb-Tec® injectors replace each active lance and require no major modifications to existing DSI systems. Using boosted air, they enhance sorbent mixing and dispersion within the duct, ensuring lower sorbent usage while increasing the efficiency of the pollutant/sorbent reaction.


Upgrade Your DSI System and Experience Sorb-Tec® Benefits

Minimize Emissions

Minimizes pollutant levels of S02,S03/H2S04, HCL, and Hg proactively preparing your system to adhere to environmental compliance requirements.

Reduce Sorbent Usage

Reduces sorbent usage by up to 50% compared to both traditional and advanced lance-based designs, resulting in cost savings and a measurable ROI.

Use With All Sorbent Types

Compatible with all main forms of dry sorbents including hydrated lime, sodium bicarbonate, trona, and activated carbon.

Perform Trial and CFD Modeling

Performs mobile fleet demonstration or CFD modeling prior to renting or purchasing Sorb-Tec® to accurately quantify benefits in a specific application.

Maximize Performance During Load Changes

Maximizes performance and flexibility through the use of a VFD. As operating conditions change, each individual Sorb-Tec® injector adjusts its injection distance into the flue gas duct, ensuring optimal duct saturation during load changes.

Decrease Plug and Maintenance Issues

Decreases plug and maintenance issues associated with traditional, lance-based injector technology by having the injector installed external to the duct protecting it from hot flue gas and over-spray from adjacent lances.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Modeling

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling is used to provide an accurate and predictive tool for emission reduction. This tool can be used for practical design, optimizing solutions, and problem solving.


What Our Clients Have Been Saying

“Sorb-Tec® technology offers incredible system flexibility allowing us to quickly adjust sorbent usage based on load changes.”

Engineer III

“Blue Plume will shut our plant down, Sorb-Tec® reduced our SO3 emissions and stopped system plugging so that we could continue to operate our plant.”

Facility Manager

“The use of Sorb-Tec® technology helped us economically operate our plant and saved us from installing a $190M scrubber. Without it we would have shut down.”

Plant Manager

Sorb-Tec® Case Studies

Sorb-Tec® – Reducing Hydrated Lime Needed to Achieve SO3, ABS, and Blue Plume Reduction

Sorb-Tec® demonstrated a >50% performance improvement (reduction) in sorbent usage over other lance-based technology.

Read Case Study

Sorb-Tec® – Reducing Sodium Bicarbonate Needed to Achieve SO2 Stack Compliance

Reduced sorbent consumption, offering 17% SBC savings compared to lance injection.

Read Case Study

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